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Stuff with Things was launched in 2009, airs occasionally, and features local guest stars and a variety of topics. From pennies to vajazzling, we've got you covered. Or uncovered, as the case may be.

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Episode 18: Diaper-Free Babies
Do you like babies? Do you like being green? Check out the latest in green-baby initiatives: diaper-free pottying. Yes, it's what you think it is. No, there's no way you're not getting pooped on. Your hosts weigh in on the pros and cons (and probability) of successfully poo-mind-melding with your wee bairn. Plus, Jackie gives Sarah a crash course in babysitting an infant, and Sarah in turn educates Jackie on the Chinese fortune cookie "in bed" tag.

Episode 17: Manscaping
Menfolk: to wax, or not to wax? While we're all about naked egalitarianism, what's good for the goose may not necessarily be good for the gander. We examine men's grooming habits, including what is too much, what is not enough, and what is just balls-insane to the discerning (Jackie) and not-so-discerning (Sarah) lady.

Episode 16: Miss USA (not Miss America?) Pageants
We take on Miss America and Miss USA pageants, which you may be shocked to learn are not the same. They have their differences, but neither are as entertaining or heartening than Miss Congeniality. Also, a very sleepy Jackie musters the energy to veto all uses of scrunchies, but the Facebook polls suggest she stands alone.

Episode 15: Relationship Math
How soon is too soon to plan events in the future--and how long after breaking up are you ready to date someone new? Can you move in together because your leases are up, or only if you've been together for longer than six months? Aaaand the $10,000 Question: when do you say "I love you?" Bust out the calculator for more "R"ules about relationships and timing.

Episode 14: Online Dating
Online dating sites: a cross between a gym membership and your Amazon cart. But do they work?
In this episode, we're discussing the pitfalls of various online dating services.  Whether you're on CraigsList, OkCupid,, Grinder, eHarmony or the latest romance site du jour, here's what's lurking in the woods on the way to your soulmate's house.

Episode 13: Be Good To Your Vagina
It's all about the V this week. We're talking the pros and cons and (ins and outs) of every woman's special pet.
We're talking vibrators (which ones, where to get, and perhaps most importantly: how-to). Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head--some look like iPods, some look like bullets. Take a visit to your local shop and check out the wares. And whether you're a novice or a ninja, you'll be pleased to know about the greener options: vibrator recycling and dock-powered models that save will you millions on batteries.

Episode 12: Everyday Love Story
Sometimes life throws you a story that's so good, so perfect, and so heart-crushingly sweet that it must be shared with everyone possible. When Sam and Jennifer first met, Jennifer was married. Although Sam was smitten, they remained coworkers and good friends for two years--until they shared their first kiss. On today's Very Special Episode, we bring you the true story of love, honesty, and acceptance--and it's also damned cute. 

Episode 11: You Say Placenta, We Say Veto
This week's episode is brought to you by, a lovely site about green living that recently covered a phenomenon inciting scary dreams and broken parental relationships worldwide: "5 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Baby's Placenta." Yeah, it's like that. Apparently we're not just eating them anymore, and by "we" I mean "not me, and hopefully not you, either." Images are below, but we warn you: while they are arguably safe for work, they are not safe for the easily-nauseated.

Episode 10: What's Your Four?
This episode of Friends prompts the question: what are the seven erogenous zones of woman? We get as close as six before declaring the last one a free space--that place on a woman that looks innocuous, but is secretly a bonus erogenous zone. So ladies, what's yours? Men, what have you stumbled upon on your ladyfriend that turned out to be more than met the eye? Inquiring and very nosy minds want to know!

Episode 9: Vajazzled
We're back! And what better topic to get us into the new decade than the craze that's sweeping the nation's most fashionable vaginas? Pretty much anything, as it turns out. Damn you, Jennifer Love Hewitt! Also, the first ever SWT to be recorded entirely by iPhone--which has better sound quality than my (free) microphone. I'll get you next time, Apple. NEXT TIME.

Episode 8: Gramacast
In this historic episode, I get Grama Shirley on the inter-net to dish about her many babies, lament the loss of the daily news, incite the Fabric Panic of 2009, discuss the man and his mustache, Bay City through the ages, songs we hate, one of us gets freaky with Neil Diamond, the necessities of schooling and driving, adventures in home heating, beer for boys and glazed doughnuts for girls, the crazy things we get addicted to, the jobs fit for an uncompromising woman in the fifties, and other things you couldn't imagine living through.

Episode 7: LARP is a Four-Letter Word
It's all about games, gamers and gaming this week as we discuss puzzles, AD&D, and our general geeky and misspent youths. Our preferred Clue characters give insight into our personalities (anti-feminist movies shaped our childhoods, leading to our respective choices of warrior princessery and buckling swash). I stick up for LARPers and patchouli, declare that costumes are the only defense for acting a damn fool on a fake battlefield, and Jackie only has one V for you if you miss the The Sock Gap (and it's not the one you were hoping for). Also, modeling is hard, we boo at the closing of Shaman Drum, beg you to tell us how to use pilates bands, and start the countdown to kitty-fauxhawk. MROW!

Episode 6: Untelevised
This week: cable-free is the way to be! Action Jackie joins the table to discuss the many benefits of canceling our Comcast subscription, including lofty goals for marathoning (and marathon reading). Although we don't mean to, we also discuss professors with questionable hygiene, Boston and its nutty accents, and how much we hate Hemingway (a lot). Includes such hits as: Netflix is great if you can't (ahem) remember where your movies come from, it takes two to pronounce 'synecdoche,' and Star Trek: A Tale of Two Kirks. Later, Mrs. Spock Potato gets a crash course in comparative religion, and we don't even try not to let our elitist dicks hang out re: Twilight and Nicholas Sparks. Don't worry, we brought enough blasphemy for everyone.

Episode 5: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock!
Why did Ira Glass make us cry when all we did was love him? Who is the last person on earth who doesn't know Ingrid Bergman is Isabella Rossellini’s mom? Where is the line between "experienced" and "just really old, you crazy freak of nature"? Join us as we answer these and many more questions, with plenty of Haterade left over for the Disney wedding experience, the complex mathematics of cellphones, and Amazon's pouring salt in my e-book wound. Also, check out the new local living section, highlighting a new local business (or three) every week!

Episode 4: Bumpin' the Night
In this fraught-with-innuendo episode, Joy equates jerky to mummies and Sarah is so hormonally-imbalanced she eats meat and considers public indecency. We christen the porn library (not like that!), read a bit of terrible prose, and wonder what the hell is up with the fourth-generation iPod. Special bonus features include the ups and downs of mustaches (not like that!) and a virgin shopper's guide to vibrators (totally like that).

Episode 3: I Love Technology
The new site is up and running! Oliver inspires us to celebrate all the things the 21st Century has done for us, for good (Pandora, the Kindle, RuPaul) or ill (the stunted growth of Tim Burton), all while sitting too close to the microphone. Also, a heated discussion on Macs vs. PCs, more embarrassing tales of celebrity sightings, and Asimov's Jeans fails to catch on.

Episode 2: Go Away, Beyonce
We discuss the positive message of the First Lady’s biceps, support several local businesses (regardless where their vanilla beans come from), create progeny for America’s hottest vegan lesbians, debate Jerry Seinfeld’s window of funny, and make first-rate enemies out of Sasha Fierce and Christina Ricci.

Episode 1: The Full Montalban
Our first episode! The ladies discuss veganism, Jon Stewart,  the cancellation of Pushing Daisies, the woefully impossible progeny of America’s sexiest gays, the Opposite Eye Theory, Tim Gunn’s love life, and the abomination of superfluous apostrophes (not apostrophe’s–GRR!).