I started this blog, originally titled The Other Shoe, when I got my first "real" job. After reading the internet twice and realizing I was never going to win a game of minesweeper, I got onto the beta version of Blogger and posted things to keep my coworkers entertained.

Over time, things got real. ran some marathonsstarted a podcast, had a nervous breakdown, wrote a noveland started dating a very sweet man. I lost my job, got married, got a far better job, and throughout it all, I wrote. People found me, and sometimes found me funny, for which I sent them inappropriate e-kisses. Most of what I do/say is NSFW.

Most days find me typing, knitting, sewing, or making compulsive kindle purchases next to my hirsute coworker and my husband (not the same person). If you would like to read more of me, I have some handy links to my funny stuff and a few other projects in the sidebar you can check out, or you can hit me up at heybeedoo at gmail dot com.