January 24, 2017

Chapter One: Consent, Condoms, Communication.

Apparently it's on me to teach people about family planning. I'm not being paid to do so, and I'm not given any government subsidies. I'm a 35-year-old who lost her virginity at 17 and wants to make sure all people, especially young people, have access to the facts. Remember: The truth can still hurt you, even if you have never heard it.

Chapter One:
The 3 C's of good sex:
Consent, condoms, communication.

The first tip I have is that abstinence is hard. Your hormones rage like wet cats in a bag from age 12 to 20, and you're gonna wanna have sex. If you have sex, be protected. Do it with someone who respects you. Above all, make sure each step of the process is agreed upon by both parties. (Note: a person who is asleep, drunk, or coerced cannot agree to anything.)

If you want to abstain, that's awesome. You should still learn about sex, pregnancy, menstruation, birth control, and yes, abortion. It is also a good idea to keep condoms on/near you in case your hormones get the better of your cool-headed intentions. You may regret it later, but regret is part of life.

Finally, no matter what your choice is, do not let anyone shame you. Maybe someone else would have done something differently, but that holds no weight in your own life. Nobody else is you.

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