January 27, 2015

Check-Up (Check It)

Me: Watch out for my arms, they gave me shots.
Bacon: Jeez, how many?
Me: One in each arm. Flu and TDAP.
Bacon: Sounds like a rapper.
Me: "Immunize," by TDAP feat. Flu.
Bacon: Flu mostly produces.
Me: You have no idea. Speaking of, do we need to stop and get more Dayquil?
Bacon: I'm feeling okay today, but I wanted to try that honey.
Me: I don't think it's gonna do what you think it's gonna do.
Bacon: It's black magic honey.
Me: It's expensive-ass honey.
Bacon: Because of the magic!
Me: I can't really get behind spending 1/5 of our bank balance on mystical shaman honey when we have an entire cupboard of honey at home.
Bacon: "I'm droppin' hundies / on honey / droppin (UNGH!) hundies!"
Me: If you let me record your TDAP impression, we'll get the shaman honey.
Bacon: "UNGH! No / No / No DEAL."

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