April 11, 2012

At it Like a Rabbit

We are ten days into April, and I must say it's going swimmingly. There have been a few setbacks, but here I am, and I haven't missed a day yet.

Total Runs: 10
Total Distance: 39 Miles

Most of these were done 4 miles at a time. On good days, I could do 5; on really good days, I could push it to 6. I think the variance has gotten me back in shape, since I'm back below an 11-min mile. I know that's practically walking for some of you hardcore runners, but when you're a little woman with non-optional chest weight, speed is not a priority.

The first monkey wrench in the plans happened early: the spring cold. Why is it when you start a new workout routine you always get sick three days in? It's the body's way of sabotaging you, of saying "look, we've evolved; we have takeout and duvets and we don't need to run from lions anymore, so take a load off."

I did not take a load off. I took a Benadryl and ran two miles. I don't recommend pigheadedness in the face of adversity, but... actually, yes I do. Within reason. Obviously, if you're too ill to run, then don't. But if you're a little ill, if your allergies are a little strong, I say fight through it. You could be worse tomorrow, so get it in today.

I'm excited about all this mileage, but it's been unseasonably warm in the first part of the month--and my Weather Channel app says clouds and rain for the next four days. I might have to keep it to 1-2 mile sprints on rainy days, because I HATE running in the cold. I'm also fighting the well-endowed-lady's frenemy, lower back pain, which my boyfriend has been obliged to stick his elbow in every night, which is not remotely as sexy as it sounds.

If you're thinking of doing a similar daily run schedule, here's a tip: look at the weather for the week on Monday. Pick the nicest day, and use it to do your longest run. That way, if it starts hailing on Friday, at least you conquered Wednesday. It all adds up.
Oh... and on Thursday, I got engaged.

All this running just got way, way easier. A wedding? Running behind me? Look out, lions; I'm passing on the left.

P.S. Thanks to all you wonderful people who have left us well-wishes. You're all pretty, even without makeup.

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