Crafty Blogger: Making a Laptop Sleeve

After much deliberation, I bought a MacBook Air. I say "deliberation," but mostly mean "eating of my own words," since I have long been opposed to the slick world of aluminum computers with cartoony interfaces that are so easy to use it's impossible to eff it up. As a PC user, I saw effing it up as the natural course of personal computing. Alas, I could no longer deal with the (lack of) power options and slow movement of my PC. Hypocrite? Sure. Hipster? Maybe. But being online in six seconds makes it pretty easy not to hear the objections.

Said new laptop needed a sleeve, since I am one of the clumsiest people living. A very nice lady at my favorite cafe and workspace let me have one of the burlap coffee sacks, as it was too holey to reuse.

I washed it, sliced it into bits, and chose the orange logo for the front of the sleeve.

A trip to JoAnn's netted me some yellow felt for the batting, a bright orange patterned fabric for the lining and a yellow zipper (that I didn't use).

I saved the bigger, more colorful pieces for another project. Pillow covers? Not sure yet.

All measuring was done using the laptop itself, since I was paranoid that it wouldn't fit at the end. First, I laid the laptop over the double-layered felt, leaving about an inch and a half on each side.

Next, I pinned the burlap to the front and back sides, making sure they would be right-side-up when the bag was folded in half.
Then, sewing.

The back panel had to be pieced together due to fraying and aforementioned holes. I liked the look of the crest and recycling logo, and I decided I didn't care about the back seam. The important thing was to keep the front logo as centered as possible, which I did a lot of flipping in and out to accomplish.

I was going to use trim along the bottom, but I though when pinning that the yellow felt would look pretty cute peeking out on the bottom edge. Not bad from the remnant bin.

Next, I turned the sleeve inside out on the bottom fold and pinned the sides, leaving the laptop inside for paranoia and to make sure it would slide out again. Sewing.
As a nice bonus, the burlap sewed incredibly well. I expected to wrestle with it, but was pleasantly surprised.

Next, I made an envelope out of the liner fabric and inserted it into the bag right-side-out. At this point, I started to feel like the liner was wasted by not being seen and decided to scrap the zipper, folding the liner over the burlap and hand-stitching it down.

It's snug enough that it doesn't need a closure, but a toggle or strap could easily be attached. The whole thing took about two hours without a pattern. I've used it about a week, and it hasn't disappointed!


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