For the discerning lady this holiday season

Burt's Bees Soap – I’ve always used a pretty stripped-down bar soap—Dial, Lever, whatever sample came in the mail, etc.  In the winter, however, I switch from rougher soaps to body wash to avoid drying out.  I was poking around looking for a midwinter replacement when I nonsensically splurged on a $4 of Burt’s Bees honey and jojoba.  You guys, I can’t stop showering.  It smells so delicious and makes my face so smooth, I feel like the Queen.

Stonyfield Mango Honey Yogurt – I think I hit it right this time: organic, no artificial colors or flavors, tastes like peaches and cream. Let’s hope the “limited time” warning stamped on the front proves untrue.  Om nom nom.

Lindt 70% Dark Chocolate – Boo.  Boo on you, Lindt, for changing your Intense Dark Chocolate recipe.  The needless addition of soy lecithin to emulsify my already perfect chocolate has rendered it creamy and uneatable.  If I wanted creamy chocolate, I’d get milk chocolate, as would any right-thinking human.  Keep your milk fat out of my cocoa.  I have to break up with you now, and test all new varieties of dark to find my perfect Emergency Chocolate.  I hope you’re happy.

OPI Only Gold for Me Nail Polish – I ended up with two bottles of this after a kind customer recommended it.  It really complements any color—dark burgundy or emerald green, especially—and when applied to the tips of polish toes can make even the sweat-shirted feel fancy.

Picnik – Well, paint me red.  A free photo editing service that doesn’t require registration, and the effects are awesome.  As a longstanding fan of free crap, I tip my hat.  My black-and-white photo wall grown ever more interesting thanks to the tints feature, and I cannot resist tweaking this page as well. 

The Big Bang Theory – Oh Sheldon Cooper, I could watch you for yours.  The way you sneer at the willfully unintelligent, the way you explain everything to the minutest detail, compelled by obsessive compulsion.  The way you are everything I would be if I hadn’t made friends.


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