Rap Recall Friday

We’re back! Let’s jump right on in, shall we?

“Do This My Way” – Kid ‘N Play

The rhymes are pretty boilerplate, but even so it’s pretty catchy. Taking the bronze for most iconic hairdo of the 90s (behind Tina Turner and Don King), Chris “Kid” Reid is also famous for inventing the phrase “do this like Brutus” 23 years ago.  That more than justifies my 11-year-old's crush, I think.  Somewhat.  Okay, barely.

Ah, black heels with black tights: sexy and dangerous in a totally opaque way. Especially contrasted with the blinding brightness of the KID N PLAY, like, maybe your group would have more street cred if it didn’t call to mind Tyco and Colecovision.  All you needed to make a video in the 80s was a camera, an empty room and some neon furniture. Oh, and some trumpets, obviously.  

Ahh, DJ Jazzy Jeff is behind the camera.  That explains so much.  Like why this looks like every Fresh Prince video ever (pre-Willennium).

NB: I may have done the Funky Charleston at a school dance. Also the MC Hammer. Sarah Smallwood: socially awkward yet more interesting than your girlfriend since 1991.


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