Rap Recall Friday

On first watching, I thought the video was much more progressive than it actually is, because I thought half the singers were trannies. Then I saw boobs and went, “Oh.”

“Let’s Talk About Sex”
Salt N Pepa

It’s a catchy song, mostly because it samples one of the awesomest songs of the seventies, The Staple Singers’ “I’ll Take You There.” For all they complain that nobody talks about sex… they don’t really talk much about sex. The one real verse talks about one girl with a hot body who gets a lot of play, but never any love—and while there’s not really any judgment on her, there’s also no details. It’s like a “controversial” broadcast of your high school’s student radio team: “Don’t be a ho. Have sex when you’re in love. Also, wrap it.” Shit, I learned more in “Push It,” which had only had two words and never worried about not being played on the radio.


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