I suppose the title counts as a pun. Which was not originally intended, but sitting here on the fourth week waiting for Aunt Flo, hoping my insurance info comes in the mail tomorrow, hitting refresh every five minutes to see if my refund from the mouthbreathing, bankers-hours having technotards at Bally Total Assholes has been processed, I can hardly deny I feel as if everything has been postponed.

The obvious segue here is that my writing has also gone away of late, both from print and imagination. In between quitting and starting jobs, making deadlines, and working retail during the Christmas season, I've only had energy enough to sleep, shower, and eat badly. The sugar and holidays have got me on my way to a lovely stress-induced Freshman Forty.

And here is where I say it. That raison d'être of all online diaries: no more. This far, no farther. And what a wonderful thing it is to get one thing done ahead of time, to have control over something. The ability to get back on your feet, get centered, and get the fuck out of the Voortman's aisle. Plans are afoot; lists have been made. We can't stop the waiting, but we sure can fill the time.

Here's to filling the rest of 2009 so that we never have to wait again.

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Anonymous said…
Maybe you should just stop showering?
Anonymous said…
Maybe you should just stop showering?
Genieve said…
Sounds like Hawaiian Night couldn't be more needed. Mai Tai anyone? Lemme know!

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