Rap Recall Friday

Another virtual time travel song, one that from the first notes will transport you instantly to a particular time and place. Mine is the freshman dance, the one Tiff made me go to, when I would rather have stayed home doing my Enterprise jigsaw puzzle. I reluctantly slapped on jeans and a men's dress shirt and had as much fun as I expected until my soon-to-be first boyfriend showed up. I remember he hated this song, HATED it, and walked out when they played it. I watched his white sweat socks go with stars in my eyes. Ahh, love.

Gangsta's Paradise - Coolio

It's not a bad song, really, but all the good is detracted instantly with the movie-tie in.

"Ok, here it is: Michelle Pfeiffer comes to an empty school, which is, like, Coolio's mafia den, for a gangster showdown!"


"She's there to, like, reclaim the young, inner-city minds of America!"

[derisive laughter]

"What? She's tough! She's wearing leather!"

Supposed ex-military training aside, we can pretty much guess what the outcome would be--especially since the bluescreening makes it obvious that Mme. Pfeiffer and Mr. 'Lio were never in the same room at the same time. Acting to an empty chair (or a profoundly less frightening body double), Michelle uses her +12 Cloak of Stanislavsky to project her agent's image onto "Coolio" right from the get-go.

Also, I'm a huge fan of the Weird Al spoof Amish Paradise, particularly for the genius casting of Florence Henderson in the Michelle Pfeiffer role. Mrs. Brady or not, an old Amish lady throwing a chair is just awesome. (Not as awesome as the one I saw using the Dyson turbo-hand dryer in the bathroom of Union Station, but almost.)


Libby said…
+12 cloak of Stanislavski is the best statement ever. Seriously.

I loved Amish Paradise; its very catchy... "I churn butter once or twice, livin in an Amish Paradise..."

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