Rap Recall Friday

For every hit, there is a miss. And this is a hit you cannot miss.

"Rico Suave" - Gerardo

Let's play a drinking game!

Every time Gerardo opens his jacket to expose his shirtless chest - one sip

Whenever the bandana/gold hoop combo inspires a pirate joke - one drink

Crotch shot - two drinks

Whenever the crotch does a better job lip-synching than Gerardo - one drink

Shot of a gyrating woman goes on about 30 seconds too long - three drinks

Someone is doing the Running Man - Social!

Gerardo totally spits on himself and wipes it off while singing - down it!

Editor does not bother re-synching track during Spanish segment, causing Godzilla-style dubbing - one drink

Anyone in the video attempts acting - one sip

"He's dating Blair from The Facts of Life?" - Social!

Gerardo touches a woman and she could not care less - one drink

Gerardo takes his bandana off and becomes the dude from Tears for Fears - down it!

From Wikipedia:
[Gerardo] sometimes refers to himself as the "Latin Elvis" or the "Latin Frank Sinatra."

Well, somebody has to.

(For more hilarity, check out the lyrics.)


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