Rap Recall Friday

Pushing the definition of "rap" to its straining seams, here comes a band that has a DJ and the word 'MC' in the title.

"Connected" - Stereo MCs

Video's pretty basic, which I appreciate. It could have gone all Bono with the anti-establishment theme, but in the end they just danced around and let the the song do its thing: You want the message, it's there; take it or leave it. A rare instance where the video complements the lyrics by paying homage to the message without being literal--a movement of such nuance and subtlety that they must have had to swallow violently when they took up mixing for the music industry's biggest attention whore.

I don't know why I never realized they were British; the fact that they sound just like Oasis should have clued me in. And doesn't that lead singer fit the mold for every toothless meth addict on HBO ever? I pictured him vaguely as a skinny, clean-cut black guy--or if he was white, something a little more Uncle Kracker or Fred Durst-y--not the weird guy coughing outside of Starbucks holding a dirty venti cup.


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