Rap Recall Friday

You will never get this out of your head. Ever.

"Informer" - Snow

Something about the arrangement of the words "Canadian reggae musician" made me spit out my coffee. Seriously, how many people at the recording studio were wearing their Bad Idea jeans the day this got greenlit? I am neither Canadian nor a reggae musician, and even I knew it was going to be shite. Canadian shite, too, so only worth 75% of American shite. Shite that doesn't work in vending machines. Shite whose bacon looks a lot like ham.

The album, by the way, was called 12 Inches of Snow. So, take that with you.

The video is pretty standard for the day, though the bootycount is greater than or equal to Sir-Mix-a-Lot. Also, par for the dork course, I may have owned that shirt--what is it with the 90s and curlicues? (mine had Looney Toons on the pocket, though, which... is an improvement). I love how they put a real live black dude at the end, for cred. I wonder if Snow had been born in the US, he could have been the first Eminem.*

*Ha! No I don't.


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