Rap Recall Friday

Before you skeptically Google, yes, this was the nineties. Specifically, the year I graduated high school (in the spirit of which, can I add that I still can't believe my best friend took his blonde android girlfriend to this concert instead of me? Because, really, they don't even make karma for that kind of bullshit).*

"Intergalactic" - The Beastie Boys

It's hard to know which Beastie Boys song to include here. I almost posted Sabotage, also a classic and proof that the Boys never miss an opportunity to slap a fake mustache on someone, but in the end I went with the one with the higher word count, since that would make it more "rap recall" and not "awesome mixing recall." Also, it has a Spock reference, which is long documented as the quickest way into my pants heart. Special features include the robot doing the robot, one-camera choreography copied by everyone everywhere after this video was made, and the most entertaining men-in-monster-suit fight this side of Doctor Who.

* My love carries on, however (for the band; ex-BF is of course dead to me); with the lyrics "I am the King of Boggle / there is none higher / I got 11 points off the word quagmire," the Beastie Boys are in line for their own Shiksa post. I mean, rap and Boggle? Kvelling over here.


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