That's What She Said: Again, Some More

At the bike repair shop:
"Just slather on a bunch of lube and go to town on it."
"They've got a few more years in 'em if you keep 'em pumped tight."

Hanging some curtains:
"Oh, it's too long! It hits the top of the bed."

While writing this entry:
"I'd be happy to freeze that real hard for you."

Whilst attempting an, ahem, illegal entry:
Sooz: I can't get through.
Me: Yes you can. You can't fit through there?
Libby: That's what she said.
Me: Shut up, Libby. See? Through there?
Sooz: There's no way through; it's too small.
Libby: That's what--
Me: Shut it. Look, go through the turnaround.
Sooz: It's a one-way, look: Do not enter.
Me: 'Do not enter,' my ass.
Sooz: Oh my God.
Me: Yeah, I immediately regretted that one.


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