Rap Recall Friday

"OPP" - Naughty by Nature

I'm ashamed to admit I had no idea what this song was about before I read the lyrics. I was content enough to shout the chorus without knowing it was about man-stealing and homewrecking. Not that that matters; it's still awesome. There's no original video on YouTube, which is fine, because the live version (on Arsenio, natch) sounds pretty much the same as the original, and any digs I have on the fashion can be directed at the pillow-pantsed victims in the audience.

The performance is pretty awesome as well; I especially love the creep-walk and miming moves (it's like I'm really there!) and the look on the one guy's face when his partner gets a little too close to his junk, and gives him a little kick to dispel the homophobia [2:55].

From Wikipedia:
They gave the song a broader appeal by making the lyrics accessible to both male and female listeners, which is done by including male and female genitalia in the abbreviation “OPP”.

Naughty by Nature: marketing geniuses.


Justin said…
You brought it all back!! Including Arsenio!! (Fist pump woo woo)

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