Rap Recall Friday

Time for another blast from the past, courtesy of that decade of flat tops, Dwayne Wayne glasses and baggy sweaters. Today's installment is a rare one from the ladies, sadly underrepresented in the 90s rap scene. Hit it!

"Move This" - Technotronic

Video Highlights:
1) Incongruous shots of models tossing their hair back, flexing pecs and pulling on pants

2) the lead singer's awesome WTF? response to the strange Bobby Brown lookalike dancing in red racing-striped spandex; seriously, it's like her prom date busted into Ross and Monica's routine on the dance floor and she steps back with the perfect, "this is embarrasing, but we have to hit the buffet together later, so..."

3) Splashed neon paint! Oh, who didn't go into Topkapi looking for the latest NKOTB t-shirt, silk-screened headshots of the band looking tough-but-soulful amongst splats and drips of neon puff paint? Everybody who was anybody, that's who.*

* If you saved enough allowance, you could get the matching New Kids painter's hat with the bright pink handprint on the top, which you would accidentally leave in the backyard and cry when it got ruined in the rain, and you'd only get over it when your sister took you back to the mall for those little gold peace sign earrings. And by "you," I totally mean "me."


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