Martha's Ad Fail: Newman's No(wn)

I don't know whose lame-brained idea this was, but it offends my senses. Not good in an ad about food.

Really, Newman's puppeteers? The economic stimulus was the best you can do? How about "we know you have no money, so eating our dressing is an easy donation to charity!" or "feeling the pinch? Support your local farmer's market, where lettuce is $2 a bag!" No, better to imply that economizing is for wusses and give a yummy, buttermilky middle finger to those "others" who would "suggest" cutting back. That's the same as salad dressing. Totally. I can't wait for the next issue: "Michael Jackson could have lived years longer with new fat-free Italian!"

Poor Paul. He doesn't deserve lame but-oh-so-timely advertising featuring indecent virtual-onion penetration by salad dressing that borders on the pornographic--he just wanted to make decent organic spaghetti sauce and delicious un-Oreos that get stuck in your teeth after you eat the whole crinkley package. Oh, and you know, send a billion dollars to the kids.

I can only assume whichever Newman inherited the business 1) didn't green light this ad or 2) didn't give a shit, quite rightly knowing the philanthropic food venture will continue to coast along on a delicious NewmanOs wave for years to come.


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