What I Learned in Boston

1. I love dogs. You can’t take a cat for a walk down Newbury Street.

2. Money has no meaning in Lush.

3. DayQuil and coffee is a bad breakfast plan, but you will get more done before 10 than most people will all day.

4. $7.50 is too much for a banana split. Seriously, is there uranium in the jimmies?

5. Always take Ira Glass on the plane. His soothing voice is the cure for turbulence.

6. It takes a month to first-draft a book, a year to rewrite it, and five minutes on location to realize you want to read it.

7. If someone presents you with a gallon bag of doughnuts, it is not one serving.

8. Never take the orange line. Not even for one stop, not even to get to another line. Go upstairs and walk up the ziggurat to Government Center, even if it’s February, even if it’s a holiday, even if you have one leg.

9. If you’re on the grass in the Public Gardens by Kosciusko and you have your work open and you’ve walked up and down Tremont all day and have a full memory card and you have Oyster House leftovers and toddlers in pink dresses are chasing the ducks…

10. When you have friends, good weather and live music, you need very little else.


Action Jackie said…
#1 Well, you could take a cat for a walk down Newbury Street. It just might not go so well. Cats have minds of their own you know.

#4 You can never spend too much on jimmies. They're awesome.

Also: yay for www.sarahsmallwood.com! You + Anna =awesome website.

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