This week is shaping up to be hella-busy; big changes are afoot.

First in the news: Congratulations to Dev and Summer on the birth of their new baby girl. Beatrice Kumar showed up too early for anyone to win the pot, and with a birth so easy her mother's hair was still perfect (luck or witchcraft? you make the call). She's beautiful and blessed to have such wonderful parents--and I'm not just saying that because I want to see cute baby pictures of Baby Bea in Summer's handmade creations (although I totally do). Congratulations once again!

Nextly, well-wishes and be-safes for all those traveling in the coming months. Have fun in Connnecticut, Colorado, Lansing and packing up for a big move to the south, respectively; please come back to me safely.

As for me, several pieces are still having the kinks beaten out of them, another episode of the podcast should be up by Friday, and I have procured a new pound of coffee for this weekend's novelmania. I have so many nebulous, half finished projects I'm scooping them around me with both arms to keep them from floating away like unruly bubbles in the tub.

So it's nice to have at least one thing in the bag:

For those who haven't heard, is now live. Please go and click links, open doors, slam cupboards, kick tires, let me know what works and what doesn't. [Note: I know it looks funny in IE. I don't care. It works in Safari and Firefox, and Firefox is just better, so use it.]

HUGE props to Anna K. Jonsson, a funny lady and amazing web designer. If you got a problem, yo, she'll solve it. I believe she's taking clients, so anyone with an URL in need of a fresh coat of awesome, form an orderly line, please, no shoving.


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