Rap Recall Friday

In honor of glorious May Day, I absolutely could not put up the video that was slated for today. This is a day for celebration, for happiness, for sixty-degree weather and full sun at 7:30 in the morning. This is a time for House of Pain.

It's like it's prom all over again, and your date really doesn't want to dance so all the girls are dancing with each other and your best friend is still limping from the Cotton-Eyed Joe fiasco and then you hear that first prolonged blasted note, and all of a sudden everyone's on the floor like ants on Kool-Aid and the lights are flashing 'cause this DJ was the only good thing your class spent money on and the chaperones are sweeping in under the flying brocade vests and bow ties to stop the bad kids from moshing.

And that's why you know all the words. You may not know it, but you do.


edithm said…
Sadly now all my associations with this song are with My Name is Earl. But it's still awesome!!
Sarah Beedoo said…
Ever since I posted it, I've been singing it, all day, over and over. It doesn't get old. "I'll serve ya ass like John MacEnroe / if your girl steps up, I'm smackin' the ho." I'm even jumping a little bit.

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