Question and Answer

Q: So. What’s been up with you lately?
A: What do you mean?

Q: Well, aside from the rap songs, there hasn’t been much going up lately…
A: I’ve been busy.

Q: Busy.
A: Yes. You may have noticed the new Flickr pictures, the podcast episodes, the fact that it was Mother’s day—

Q: And this keeps you from writing?
A: Of course not. I do that all on my own.

Q: I see. So what have you NOT been writing about?
A: I finished a fleece blanket, got proofs for the podcast merchandise, mocked up a few more designs for totes and mugs, am writing up a CV for the new website, made business cards, made a lovely flower arrangement, planted and weeded the garden, and am training up to ten miles every other night.

Q: Seems like there’s plenty of material there. Although…
A: Most of it is one-sentence plugs. Of half-finished projects.

Q: Right. Limbo. Anything happen with a definitive terminus, that might be mined for comic payoff?
A: …Hm. Well, I had an interesting experience in the lady area. Think people might want to hear about that?

Q: Depends. What happened?
A: I quit my birth control.

Q: Oh. How long does it take your body to adjust to the drop in hormones?
A: Six months, five days, twelve minutes.

Q: I think we have a winner. When should we expect that?
A: If the phone doesn’t ring, it should be up later today.

Q: And if it isn’t?
A: I’m sure you’ll be back.


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