Another Day, Another Blogger

As part of my commitment to going Green (and my inveterate role as Annoying, Finger-Wagging Hippie) I will now be blogging for the Ann Arbor Commuter Challenge. If you live in the area, sign up now to log your sustainable commute for the month of May. There's free ice cream and buttons and stickers! What more incentive do you need? Oh, fine. It helps the environment. Are you happy, people who hate ice cream?

It feels like I'm cheating a bit, since my commute is entirely sustainable--AATA! what-what!--but I actually managed to fail on the very second day of the challenge by missing the bus and driving in. So for the rest of May, I am doomed to regain karmic balance by running home on hot days and biking in the rain, just to make it feel like cleaning up the ozone is reeeally hard... which, in fact, it isn't at all. It's much more of a hassle to drive than to bus, and more of a hassle to park than to bike, but the Catholic in me thinks a the importance of a cause is directly related to the amount of suffering it requires. I promise a lot of heavy, taxing reading on the bus this month.


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