No, Not "The Heelies."

Sarah: "Girl you're looking fiiiiiine tonight..."

Libby: What was the name of his group? Jeff Healey and who?

Sarah: ...the News!

Libby: ...the Mechanics!

Sarah: ...Jeff Healey's Mom?

Libby: The Rest of Them?

Sarah: The... Sighted?

Libby: Hey, now!

Sarah: Holy shit, he taught himself the trumpet? He rocks.

Libby: I loved him in Roadhouse! Him and what's-his-name... What's his name? Mustache. Awesome. He should rule the world.

Sarah: Sam Elliot.

Libby: Yes! He was--he's DEAD?

Sarah: Sam Elliot?

Libby: NO, Jeff Healey! Holy shit, he was 41.

Sarah: Man. MAN. Roadhouse isn't gonna be the same.

Libby: "Why was the guitar in your lap?" "I dropped it."

Sarah: Crap. He was funny.

Libby: Shit. Now I have to download Angel Eyes.

Sarah: Like you don't own it. Ohhh, speaking of...

Libby: God, I played the shit out of that single.

Sarah: "Step by step, heart to heart!"

Libby: I still know all the words. And then Eminem... what, sampled it?

Sarah: You're so street. Martika's in a goth metal band now?

Libby: Strangely appropriate.

Sarah: Dude, we are doing better than every one of these people. Which is... sad.

Libby: Jeff Healey's dead.

Sarah: And he's better off than half these people.

Libby: Well, not Geldof.

Sarah: Nobody's doing better than Geldof. Bill Gates, maybe. Or Elton John.

Libby: I have never heard this song in my life.

Sarah: What's worse than a one hit wonder? A one-hit wonder somebody's never heard of.

Libby: Guy's looking good though... whoever he is.

Sarah: Man, this is depressing. And why do so many eighties pop stars look like gay tennis instructors?

Libby: Or Fred Penner?

Sarah: Yes. Was that hot? What with the dancing?

Libby: Switching it now.

Sarah: Yes! Say Anything!

Libby: [...]


Anonymous said…
I LOVE Say Anything, I make my YA kids watch it. And I've just blown my conference period watching the VH1 videos. lol Question: Bruce Willis -- hotter in 1987 or now? I can't decide.... :o)
Anonymous said…
Bruce Willis is ruggedly handsome, can sing is a lefty. I'm in love! :o)

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