Bad Grammar & Beyond

I don't subscribe to many magazines, mainly because I don't have the time to get through them nor the space to store them, but one I keep renewing every year is Martha Stewart's Living. Something about the gardening and crafting and ridiculous "Good Things" section about cataloging your fabrics--it's just so wonderfully indulgent in its impracticality. So I was enjoying the March issue, flipping through the final pages and getting immense satisfaction from being able to start the April issue actually in the month of April, when I came across this.

click to enrage
Really, MS Living? Someone in the Empire didn't catch this before it went to print? Really, people who can't afford to pay dedicated proofers $8/hour to make sure this shit doesn't happen? REALLY, Bed Bath & Beyond, who wants $50 for a shower curtain but doesn't respect you enough to know the difference between a possessive and a contraction? Shame all around.


Anonymous said…
There's a bill board for Community Driven Credit Union that proclaims:

We'll turn banking on it's head.

It's all written upside down as well but that doesn't make it any less offensive.

Think Martha'll have the proofer beheaded? :o)
Mamaclsn said…
Abso-fricken-lutely. Then again, I don't think they teach grammar in schools anymore (maybe with the exception of G :o)

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