a filthy burning want

Sarah: i am reading the kindle user guide--for fun.
Libby: lol
Sarah: <--sad
Libby: sad
Libby: HAHAHA!!!
Sarah: HA!
Libby: we have super sonic sister love I see
Sarah: yes, we do. sis-dar.
Sarah: sad sarah--no kindle
Libby: sad libby - no wii
Libby: I would love a wii
Sarah: i think you're getting a xmas wii
Sarah: i'd wait for xmas too, but nobody'd buy it for me then either
Libby: pfffttt
Sarah: you driving today?
Libby: ebay is charity-auctioning dinners with some people: John Hamm, Paul Rudd, Jeremy Sisto, Edie Falco, Keri Russell, Patrick Duffy, David Schwimmer, Rosanna Arquette, Ally Sheedy, Nathan Fillion, John Slattery or Lili Taylor
Libby: yes I am
Sarah: i thought you meant "yes, i am bidding on Capt Hammer"
Libby: wow, Nathan fillion is going for 1026.00
Sarah: use the wii fund!!
Libby: WOW 3050.00 for Kevin smith
Sarah: i bid two tums and a pencil for Jon Hamm!
Libby: i think they want money.
Sarah: if i had money, i'd get a kindle.
Libby: instead of Jon Hamm.
Sarah: you can insert text into the margins on the kindle
Libby: lol
Sarah: but i would "insert" "text" into Jon Hamm's "margins"
Libby: i get it.
Sarah: [siiiiiiigh]
Libby: lol
Libby: awww
Libby: poor pining sarah
Sarah: and read pdfs and word documents
Libby: is this a euphemism, or are we back on the kindle?
Sarah: this is a filthy burning want.
Libby: again...?
Sarah: either. i would kindle his Hamm.
Libby: i would be nathan's fillion. or something.
Sarah: noted.


Anonymous said…
Jon Hamm (I had to google him, sorry)is a younger, beefier Hugh Laurie. No wonder you love him so much! :o)

What is it about Nathan Fillion that's SO darn attractive?!

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