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Skipping Towards Gomorrah Skipping Towards Gomorrah by Dan Savage

rating: 3 of 5 stars

I stole this book from my roommate thinking I'd tear through it in a week. Sadly, I didn't really learn much from this book--and worse, I didn't enjoy it. I'm disappointed that the references weren't footnoted, or even listed in the book (the last page directs you to a website). The 'committing the deadly sins' thing got tiring, as the "Bible rules in modern life" trope is kind of played out (The Year of Living Biblically, etc). The entire book is largely a lefty reaction to Slouching Towards Gomorrah (obviously), so it's occasionally hilarious, but mostly bitter and angry--and at times, needlessly rude. But then again, that's Dan Savage. Which is fine, but the personality is endearing in podcast form isn't as effective in print.

I'm hoping the reason I was bored is more to do with the subject matter than the speaker. I love the podcast; when Dan weaves his own personal stories into his advice, when sarcasms out about anal sex preserving virginity, when he calls a crying lesbian who can't deal with a breakup. That's what made me want to read this book, and what makes me still want to read The Kid--that, and the This American Life episode that featured Dan Savage talking about walking his poodle at 3 AM.


crdrue said…
The savage personality in podcast form sometimes seems less endearing and just mean. I guess I'll def stay away from this book.

Hope you are doing well!

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