Sarah: That hair looks good on her.

Libby: I hate her. On every show she's in, she plays the flaky sister.

Sarah: Yeah, but normally her hair is all lank. That's a good cut for her.

Libby: I can't tell. I hate her too much.

Sarah: You realize it's irrational to hate an actress for the characters she plays, right?

Libby: She always plays the same one! She was the irresponsible sister on ER and she's playing the exact same character here!

Sarah: Other than those two, where else was she the flaky sister?

Libby: She was in a movie. I forget the name of it.

Sarah: Oh, that movie.

Libby: And she was on another series. That one, about firefighters.

Sarah: Uh-huh.

Libby: That ONE!

Sarah: Mmm.

Libby: THIRD Watch! That was it! And she was the same person, the same screwed-up, drugged out sister!

Sarah: Wait--that was ER.

Libby: No, it was--

Sarah: It was a Third Watch / ER crossover event. She played the same character because it WAS the same character. The one from ER.

Libby: [pause] You watch Third Watch.

Sarah: I saw the special. Because I watched ER.

Libby: Uh-huh.

Sarah: At the time. For Kovac.

Libby: So you watch Third Watch. And said "crossover event."

Sarah: At least I can count to three.

Libby: Her makeup looks tranny, too.

Sarah: Probably 'cuz her sister married Donal Logue.


Anonymous said…
My favorite role of hers was as Arabella in Murphy's Law. 80s Charles Bronson movie, she swore like a sailor. It was cheesy and funny and she had totally rad 80s hair. :o)
Mamaclsn said…
Pepper ann Pepper Ann marching in her own parade... Pepper ann she's one in a MILLIOOOOOOON! (Who is LAME now?)
Sarah Beedoo said…
Wasn't she also in Roadhouse? Or am I making that up. Not like I've, um, seen Roadhouse.
Anonymous said…
NEVER SEEN ROADHOUSE?!! Wha..?! Oh, girlie, get thee to Blockbuster! It has one of the most memorable and poignant life philosophies (and I'm NOT kidding) of all time. Not to mention the delectable Sam Elliott. And yes, she's in it. :o)
Patrick Swayze never looked better either.
Sarah Beedoo said…
I was trying to stay "cool." Yes, I've seen Roadhouse, and yes, the Swayze looked pretty--however, I was looking at Sam Elliot. Becuase apparently I likes 'em with one foot in the grave.
Anonymous said…
And who in this world couldn't stand to cut it the fuck loose? :o)
Words to live by, sister!

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