The Post that Wasn't

Just a few updates:

1. This space will (probably) be inactive for a few days, as I am going on a mini-break. Not another vacation, not nearly so long, but an out-of-towner; a much-needed reboot back in my adopted homeland. I'll be back Monday, with posts of merit.

2. Everyone say 'hi' to the menu bar. "Hi, menu bar!"

3. Everyone say 'fuck off' to that white space under the menu bar. "Get Bent, white space!"

Seriously, if anyone knows how to fix that gap, I would be exceedingly grateful. I've combed through the html twice and can't find a way to center it back where it was.

4. The menu links are now active. Also, there's a new Flickr widget in the sidebar with the vacation photos all over it. This is the content I'm wrapping around me like a cloak while I sneak out the door.

5. The cruise post is coming, I promise. I know it's tacky to go on another vacation before I've written up the last one, but [eats fingerful of toothpaste] that's me. Also, every time I open it I remember something else to include, and something else to amend, and yeah. Next week, I promise.

Meanwhile, Boston. Woot! See you on Monday.


Ian said…
Try setting the side margins to "auto" and ensure that the whole thing is encased in a div.
Ian said…
PS - make the enclosing div have the property "text-align: center" or it won't work on MSIE because conforming to specs is hard.
Anonymous said…
Hi menu bar!

Get bent, white space!


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