February 23, 2009


Who are you?
Sarah Smallwood. I’m also Sarah Beedoo, Sars (Sairs), Sarahndipity or Baby Divine, depending on who you are to me.

What's all this, then?
This is my website. I started it in 2005, back when I had far too much free time at work. The early days were a lot of whining about diets and sewing how-tos (they're all in the Archives, if that's your bag), but to be fair, I'd read the entire internet twice and was being paid to heat a chair with my backside. It has evolved slightly since, and now covers everything from Tim Gunn to foreign policy to what kind of soy meatballs are the best bang for the buck (Trader Joe's).

What do you do?
I write. Sometimes for money, sometimes not.

Have I seen you somewhere?
I get that a lot. If you live in the Deuce and drink coffee, you've seen me at Starbucks. If you read the paper online, you may have seen me on AnnArbor.com. If you live on the west side, you've probably seen me running, taking out trash, or walking my sister's little dog.

What if I'm not local and you seem vaguely familiar?
You may also have seen me around the internets. Links to my stuff are over at the Writing page, updated infrequently.

Are you working on anything at the moment?
I wrote my first novel in 2007 for National Novel Writing Month, and last November I first-drafted the sequel. The second book is much more cohesive, to the point where I can admit that I almost sort of love it, which is a big deal for me (if you need a measure of my cynicism, look no further than my title bar). I am in the process of rewriting the first book to shop it out to publishers.

How about something I can read at work?
Have a crack at the funny people in the blogroll, my links, my archives--go nuts! If your workplace is among the more forgiving, please enjoy our newest endeavor, the Stuff with Things YouTube channel.

Didn't you have a different website?
Yes, with Wordpress. When I discovered they do not allow imbedded Flash players, podcasts, or YouTube videos, I realized the fiery Oz of 'easy interface' was just an old man behind a curtain, and he was sodomizing a monkey. Blogger is my home again.

Speaking of podcasts...
Yes, I have one of those now, too. Stuff! with Things! is a semi-weekly joint project wherein my roommate schools me on proper bedroom etiquette, and my responses belie that I was raised by wolves. There are also fashion-y bits and lady bits and Ricardo Montalbits. Hit the elliptical with us today!

What if I think you’re lame?
Email me and tell me so at heybeedoo at gmail dot com.

What if I want to hire you?
Do the same, but leave out the lame part.

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