Under the Wire

I found my bedroom eyes at mile 26.

It's a bit of a scramble over here, trying to finish up a few things before the new year. The best news is that my mother and brother were fool enough to buy me a digital camera, so Blog v.2009 is going to be much more visual--the cruise, day trips, my roommates sleeping. Or it'll be a lot of pictures of my garden and the dogs. Tape your faces down: spinster living has just gone digital.

Plans for 2009:

  • New website. A whole new blog in the works. I'm still working on refitting this one, but the merging and tweaking is taking time that I'd rather spend writing, so: will share Michigan's finest wine for bored, hardworking web monkeys.
  • Book flogging. Since the second novel is done, I figure it's time to get the first one rewritten. If you're an editor who's into awesome adventure novels with biting wit and swashbuckling? I see you, baby. Don't act like you don't know.
  • Cruise. I have three weeks to get in shape. I can do it if the snow stays melted, as Bally's has neglected to send me a card, despite charging mine. Bad form, sunny gym.
  • Fantastically huge inauguration party. Bigger than New Year's. We don't see a regime change every year, lets hella-brate the good times to come.

Hope to see everyone in the new year!


Mamaclsn said…
Sunny gym! HA! Funny, says I!

I made myself laugh out loud last night. I have some socks with holes in them, and today I am darning them to heck.

Also...the Sanford and Son comment... just exactly what are you implying, missy?
Sarah Beedoo said…
That you have a Red Foxx on your Jeep. Durr. Also, you are unclean. Darning them! HA! Awesome.
Mamaclsn said…
HAHAHAHAHAHA... I thought you were making a joke about the Jeep sitting out front.

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