Nice try, December, but 2008 still bites.

This was in my inbox a few minutes ago, in response to an old post:

Hi! I wrote "Wide-O," but there was no hook for a hand...
Thank you for your comments.

Your teacher wanted her students to write an ending? That's like an ending to "The Lady or the Tiger." However, the lady shooting her husband, who'd come back early, would be the best way to end it, if it needed something. So you deserved that A but not the talking to.

You seem to have turned out fine...
Your blog is fascinating, and I'm going to read more of it now. (It's bookmarked.)

Thanks for remembering my first published story.
Elsin Ann Perry

I am now under no pressure at all.
And: totally amazing. Thank you, EAP.

[Also amazing: the number of times I swore in that post. I also messed up the details of her story and used the word 'lame,' and she didn't even take offense. If there isn't already a term for sucking on your foot when famous people email you, I'd like to call it Perrying the boot.]


Anonymous said…
YAY Sarah!! How immensely COOL!!! What a great shot in the arm, ego boost, confirmation from the Universe that you ARE doing the right thing and all those other lame phrases that can't nearly express how absolutely thrilled I am for you!

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