Flying, sitting, standing, moping

Quick, which is cheaper: flying anywhere in the contiguous US, or one single car payment? Apparently, give or take sundry "applicable fees," it's a tie.

I keep snorting and deleting all the "fare promo" emails NWA sends me, because a $90 one-way will be $200 at least, if I plan on returning, and near $300 after taxes and fees. And the taxes are hilarious, when you read them closely; luggage taxes, fuel taxes, seating taxes (wtf?)--and the best part is the taxes are applied each way. So, if I buy all my luggage at the duty-free shop and stand up for the entirety of both flights, can I pay a straight $200? Things are tough all over, y'all; I don't mind being nickel-and dimed when it's a nickel and a dime, but I can't afford to be twentied.

NaNoWriMo is going well, but for being about 10,000 words behind; I say 'well' because I like the way it's coming out, and I'm genuinely excited to see what happens next. I have an entire free weekend that I plan to put toward the deficit; I might just be caught up by Monday. Completely out of ideas and exhausted, but caught up. Is cool. I have coffee.

And I feel better, which has been the best thing to come out of the week. There is a point after the storm where you find yourself able to stand again, windblown but calm, and say nothing more poignant than, "Well, that sucked." Then you look around at others, nodding their heads in confirmation of the fact that Yes, that did indeed suck. Then you can move on.


Dann Rafferty said…
Is your first novel done, yet>

I know you're working on the sequel, but I want to read it.
Anonymous said…
see, I still read your blog...just more sporadically... ; )

Sarah Beedoo said…
No, the first one is still a first draft. Now that I have a full weekend, I can rewrite it. Yay, free time!

The second one is waaaay behind. I think I'm going to have to put in some ninjas to pad the word count.

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