Tomato Nation's Many Waves of Awesome

This is just a handy reminder that October is that time of year when a young man's fancy turns to the Tomato Nation Donors Choose Challenge.

Sarah D. Bunting, former head and co-creator of Television Without Pity, has been doing this of her own volition for many years now. Every year she sets a seemingly insurmountable goal, and every year she and her readers have managed to surpass it. She fully acknowledges that the economy is currently in the shitter... before managing to disarm you in a completely non-Victoria's Secret-bra-fitting kind of way that makes you want to empty your holey wallet for UNICEF.

We are not talking about a large donation, we're talking five dollars--three dollars--from everyone. That's why taxes work. Amazingly, those who have the least are the ones most willing to give--which is how sites like Donors Choose work. I have holey boots, clothes that don't fit and pets that have all but polio--doesn't mean I can't afford to put poetry books in the hands of middle-schoolers. I can. But only if you do it, too.

Oh, and if sending books, pencils, pianos or what-have-you to little kids doesn't give you enough of a high: how about Sars shaving her head, or dressing up in a tomato costume and dancing around Rockefeller Plaza? And that was for a surprise upset of a hundred grand; what will she do if we surpass it? I'm thinking $150K would nudge us into a Realm of Questionable Decency. If you're a sick-minded deviant, a loving, caring sick minded-deviant, this is just the charity you've been waiting to throw your money at.

As if you needed any more impetus to donate, there are prizes. Good ones. Things that don't come out of a box. Please donate--and after you do, send Sars an email to be entered in the contest. Or just send her an email for doing this every year, telling her how damn awesome she is, and how reading her archives made you pee your pants at work that one time.


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