That's What She Said 2: IKEA Bugaloo

Hold it.
You hold it.
No, hold it for a minute so I can get it in.
Here: you hold it and I’ll turn it.

Do you need help?
No… yes.
I’ll come over there.
It’s ridiculous that I can’t do this by myself.
Well, this one end shouldn’t need four hands to get it on.

I thought you had to pound it in.
No, it’ll go in when we tip it right side up.

Will that be enough to get all the pegs in the little holes?
I think we can just push them in. If it doesn’t work, we’ll sit on it.

Your thingy doesn’t look like mine.
It’s the same thingy. You just forgot your nut.

It won’t go in.
Mine went in. Are you doing it right?
It’s the angle. Hang on, I’m going to do it from behind.

You have to push.
I am pushing!
Then you really have to push.
I am really, really—ow! My finger!
Well, pull it up out of the way next time.

Set it on its side.
Why? The hole’s at the top.
Yeah, but we’re never going to be able to get on top.

Will it support my weight?
Put one leg on each side. And balance.
I’m going to break it.
I’ll spot you.

If you hear a crack, stop pushing.

Um, those go in the front.
No, they go in the back. Otherwise it slides right out.
Oh. I put mine in the front.
Well, then you’re going to have problems, aren’t you?

I need a plastic knob. Have you got any plastic?
I’ve got wood.

Is it in?

It doesn’t feel as tight as the other one.
You have to turn it until it stops.
Ohh, you have to turn it!
Uh, yeah. You weren’t turning them?
Well, I am now.
We’re going to have to flip it over and re-screw the whole thing.


Anonymous said…
OH. MY. GOD. Now I have to requisition a new computer screen because I just spewed coffee all over this one from laughing.
Sarah Beedoo said…
Dude, it was ridiculous up in there. Jackie and I should just stay away from hardware.
Dann Rafferty said…
Totally saw porn there.

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