Sleep is where I'm me, but famous

Oh my goodness, it has been while since of written anything of remarkable length (and you know that’s what she said), so I’m going to avoid any running updates on my dog (who is totally fine) or the marathon (which is Sunday and is, um, not so fine) and talk about things much more trivial: my dreams. After reorganizing my bedroom into its “winter” arrangement—exposing all vents, furniture arranged for maximum heat flow, poofy duvet, heated mattress pad and bed sweater for late night reading / typing (I’m a dork, but a snug one)--I've discovered the west side of the room is where I’ve been keeping all the REM sleep.

Sunday: I’m going to a Starbucks meeting. I don’t work there anymore, and I know this in the dream, but I decide to go anyway just to hang out. I’m chillin’ and drinking free lattes when all of a sudden we’re snowed in; snow up to the windows, covering the benches outside, everywhere—and that’s when I notice that this Starbucks is about the size of a metal camper. Containing twelve baristas. I’m not really claustrophobic, but I play one in my dream; I’m stacking the poofy leather chairs to attempt a valiant scrabble off the roof, when Holly Hunter comes in. I forget my frantic escape to chat with her about her life (it’s Holly Hunter) and she tells me that she had to come into work today, at my shrinking Starbucks. I’m all “That sucks” and she’s like “Right?” and somehow I convince, nay, empower her to quit. She flashes a Holly Hunter smile that’s all chin and dimples, and she’s totally wearing the wool coat I want, but hers is in red and I want the squash one. We walk over to the manager and Holly Hunter tells my ex-manager to suck it, and we turn to walk out. The back wall has been replaced with twelve-foot windows and a huge set of swinging glass doors. As Holly waves goodbye, I’m realize I’m going to be late for work, but I can’t read the numbers on my cellphone to call them.

Meaning: Obviously, it was time to leave the Sbux. Holly Hunter couldn’t be wrong.


Dann Rafferty said…
Holly Hunter?

Maybe it means you're leaving the Sbux to explore other...ummm...endeavors.
Sarah Beedoo said…
Dude, it was about girl power, not a lesbian tryst. Don't make this into something weird and dirty.

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