David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who. (Rumors that his next roles include loving, Scottish father of seven as Mr. Sarah Smallwood remain hesitantly unannounced.) Russell T. Davies, resurrector and puppetmaster of the series, is leaving also; if we didn’t have Steven Moffat, I would say the world is imploding altogether. It’s when your parents leave you at Grandma’s house, if your parents were super-hot geniuses and your Grandma was Oscar Wilde: it’s not bad, just prismatically different.

Russell Brand has left his radio show over a series of incredibly funny phone messages to actor Andrew Sachs of Fawlty Towers fame, who really should have realized what sort of a show he was going on in the first place.

And I can’t find a single internet radio station that’s playing Monster Mash. What the hell is wrong with the world?


Anonymous said…
Father of 7?! Isn't he, like, 12? That's crazy.

I was just reading about said phone calls on CNN. Apparently they stepped (or in this case catapulted) over the line when they talked about Brand's sexual relationship with Sach's grandaughter... Eeek!
Sarah Beedoo said…
He's like, 37, and like, 6'2." And I'd like that to be the other half of my progeny; our babies would be redheaded and extremely medium-sized.

That's what Russell Brand does. The granddaughter's in a troupe called the Satanic Sluts, and while I don't suggest she's obligated to deal with sexual harrassment based on that fact, it suggests 1) a reasonable sense of humor and 2)she's heard way worse.

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