Catching up

The Marathon was last Sunday. I didn't give it much of a buildup, but I plan to make up for that with a stellar play-by-play (although, last year's post may be the more entertaining, because this year it really went well--which gives me a lot less to work with. Always more comedy when everything goes tits-up). I want to do the whole experience justice, and I also want to nap, so it may take longer than usual. Highlights include:

The rules of running
Your body on sodium
Don't look up (or down, or really at all) on the bridge
Who can pee after sixteen miles? A conundrum
America looks better from Canada
Sunburn and hypothermia: irony in the D
"Looking good" a necessary lie
A banana in the bosom
Going it alone
The last five miles: worse than childbirth?
Brain drops ball, body takes the layup
Under the duvet, back to Rule No. 1


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