September 12, 2008

That’s what she said: An Interlude

AJ: Too short.

Sarah: How ‘bout these?

AJ: Still too short. And they barely have any head on them.

Sarah: It looks like you can get the long kind or the kind with a big head, but not both.

AJ: I need both!

Sarah: I know!

AJ: This is retarded. Why wouldn’t they make them with both?

Sarah: I think they do, they just don’t have them. Look how many are gone.

AJ: So I’m stuck with the crappy short ones? What the hell am I gonna do with these?

Sarah: I’m sure they’ll work. I mean, how far do they need to go in?

AJ: A few inches, at least. So these aren’t going to work.

Sarah: It’s not like you’re pounding them into a stud. An inch should be fine.

AJ: My stuff is heavier than yours; I need something substantial if it’s going to stay up.

Sarah: It doesn’t need to stay up forever—

AJ: But I don’t want it falling down, either.

Sarah: So wouldn’t a screw work better?

AJ: No, they leave holes and tear everything up and then you need putty.

Sarah: Well, then, again: heads or long ones.

AJ: RIGHT, which is stupid. Unless I get the multipack, which I would only use—

Sarah: For the six long ones, yeah.

AJ: What do you even use these teeny ones for?

Sarah: Finishing?

AJ: I guess.

Sarah: They’ve gotta be good for something. Do you need any of the grabby deals?

AJ: The what, now?

Sarah: You know, the things you pound on the back so they grab onto the head?

[silence, then manic giggling]

Sarah: Yeah, we need to get out of this aisle.

AJ: For serious. Oh, I need some batteries.

Sarah: [snort!]


Anonymous said...

What can I say? I'm a woman who knows what she wants and won't settle for less!

Long, or with a big head? I don't think so.


Sarah Beedoo said...

Action Jackie, you are my meal ticket.

crdrue said...

You ladies are having too much fun. I will be bitterly disappointed not to see you both on Thursday.