The Good with the Bad

I have a new story up at The Foghorn,* which officially leaves me with no projects on the back burner (save the looming novel). Perhaps I can write this weekend with a sad dog face in my lap.

In other good news, Molly is actually not so sad; she's apparently walked two blocks already, with curbs. She's also refusing to eat and kicking off all the blankets they lay on her. If she had thumbs, she'd be running a tin cup over the bars and yelling "lousy screw" at the techs. That's my girl.

Scary Frankendog pictures will follow after the weekend, provided they won't cause ladies to faint and men to question God's law.

* along with other new content! Readenzie! Bookmarkenzehen!


Dann Rafferty said…
I got a germish nod! care.
Mamaclsn said…
You + John Denver = makes ME happy.

Love you!

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