September 11, 2008

Because, well, sure.

There’s a handful happening in Other Shoe Land today. Most notably, the triple-bypass surgery of a favorite and hilarious uncle, who I hope comes through with only teensy amount of discomfort and sets hospital records during the healing process. Everyone in the Ace Deuce is thinking of you today. Get better. No, seriously.

Other, smaller injured parties include Toni the Manchester Mascot, who is off to the vet today for repeated and copious barfing of unknown origin, and my own dog, who may or may not need to have a leg lopped off. All this would be enough to deal with, even if the Ann Arbor faction of Smallwoodia hadn’t come down with a mysterious ague that cleverly disguised itself as allergies, but you know, sometimes life holds you down and spits on your neck.

Also, the date still makes me nervous and I don’t know if it should.


Anonymous said...

I knew there was a reason they called it a hard-ware store! LOL

Sarah Beedoo said...

Oh my hairy goodness.

Gibulet said...

"manchester mascot?" I didn't know Toni had another nickname. You love know you do.

Sarah Beedoo said...

Dude, she lives with us and is in a little furry suit. Smelly Rodent We Willingly Feed sounded harsh.