August 26, 2008

Mo' Meetings, Mo' Problems

Ugh. Okay, posting has been light. But let me tell you: it is not easy to bring / update the funny when you have two jobs, are training for a third (much more complicated and time-consuming) job, are also training for a marathon, and the sliver of time left in the weekend is spent moving your Action Roommate and her particulars three states to the right.

My father and brother are the real heroes here: packing, unpacking, driving, organizing. I took up the slack largely by complaining and, thanks to the hilarious last hurrah of summer, sweating like Satan’s whore. For two days we stank like it was our job, shucking off bra tanks and tees as they turned a darker, damper shade. But it was worth it: Action Jackson is suitably habitated and all is right in the universe—which I celebrated by running 15 miles and getting a haircut. Basically, time not posting was momma’s REM.

So, I apologize. On to business!

My dream of having only one job has arrived with mixed blessings. I half-weaseled (that’s a wrestling term there, or it ought to be) my way into an open office position, with the crabbing and scuffling and juggling one might expect. I hear tell there is money involved; I have not yet seen it. There is a modest amount of prestige and appreciation (very much lacking in my old job), which nearly, nearly makes up for the unbelievable deluge of work that has fallen my way in the last week. I’m sure this will all peter out around my ankles as I learn and file and prioritize, but man… writing “eat” on my calendar is getting really old.

I am technically still appearing weekly at the S-bucks. If all goes well, I’ll be moving the deadline on that particular goal waaay up. Be tuned.

On the visuals, my hair is quite short, and in a week it will be blonde—a shade it briefly saw ten years and fifty pounds ago. In keeping with the theme of my life, I have equal amounts of excitement and blind terror—the perfect physical representation of “overwhelmed.” Pics to follow.

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