August 13, 2008

If they'd followed that with some Abba, I'd probably have lost my mind

[at Kroger, last night]

Libby: You want red leaf or green leaf?

Sarah: What’s the difference?

Libby: One’s red, one’s—

Sarah: Yeah, I meant is there more to it than that?

(thunder rumbles)

(S & L exchange looks)

Libby: The hell?

Sarah: I dunno, is that outside?

(thunder rumbles again, louder)

Libby: I don’t think so…

(sprinklers come on over the vegetables)

Sarah: NO.

Libby: Oh my God.

Sarah: This is AWESOME!

(thunder rumbles)

Libby: Hee. They should flash the lights.

Sarah: Oh my God—this is better than the zoo!

Libby: Yeah, I’m thinkin’ we’ll shop here all the time.

Sarah: I can’t, Meijer has the good soy milk—

(light on vegetable bay flashes and flickers in time with the thunder)

Sarah: Oh! The!

Libby: Meijer has what, now?

Sarah: Meijer who?

Libby: Faithless woman.

Sarah: The light got me. For the light I’ll drink Silk.


Dann Rafferty said...

Is this for serious reals?

Sarah Beedoo said...

Dude, my Kroger is the bomb-shiz. If they only had Meijer's soymilk, I'd be golden.

The veggie thunderstorm is prolly meant to entertain kids, but... c'mon. That's just good fun for everyone.