July 10, 2008

Pink is never the answer to anything practical.

Firstly, thank you all for the well-wishing. Extra thanks to the locals for the food-cooking and the wine-bringing: Dann for the hugs (and post title) and Joy for the muffins; you guys, I’ll totally hold your hair back any day of the week, even school nights. Thanks for very literally picking me up.

Next, huge thanks to all who helped the Libs and I move into our apartment over the weekend. Everything is still in boxes (except for underwear and food with pop-tops), and we’re looking forward to loading bureaus and eating vegetables. It could have gone a lot worse, taken a lot longer, and hurt much, much more. I’m looking at all of you, but mostly Dennis and Chris, who I heard not one whiny comment out of. Champions, both of you.

Also, I miss the Sooz, and I hope she feels completely free to drop by whenever she wants. I want to say that right out loud. Although she might want to wait until we acquire some amenities, like a couch.

Lastly, I have a new piece up at The Foghorn, along with two others that made me think I was separated at birth from yet more family members. Really; reading things so close to my own personal experience worries me that the locked desk drawer in my mother’s bedroom might be full of birth certificates.


Joy said...

You should submit that article to Ready Made Magazine:


I bet they'd love it.

Dann Rafferty said...

I remember that statement I made (I'm flattered, by the way), but I don't remember what you asked me...

Wasn't it like...a shirt color or something?