June 24, 2008

Sick Haiku

ears underwater
it’s only 3:33
want much couch right now

low, strange mumbling sound
how long have you been talking?
I don’t... wait, what now?

do not have time for mono,
cold, flu, polio
let it be something else please


Mamaclsn said...

Japanese Fighting Sickness!

The fact that you are posting in Haiku may be cause for concern. If you suddenly have the urge to eat with chopsticks or buy a silk robe, I would seek medical attention immediately.

Dann Rafferty said...

That last one is incorrect.

It's in 7-5-7, instead of 5-7-5.
I'm afraid you've made a small haikuian error, my dear.


Dr. Aloysius Awesome,
King of Haikus

Sarah Beedoo said...

Actually, the syllable rule is pretty flexible; the original Japanese Haiku had seventeen sounds, but far more syllables when translated into English. Wikipedia it.

Also: sick, unsympathetic bastard.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's right. The syllable rule really only counts when you're writing in Japanese.

However, the defining characteristic of a Haiku is that there is a twist at the end which reveals something about the Haiku, and life in general.

--Action Jackson of Poetry