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Happy Beltane, everyone. A holiday everyone everywhere can get behind, as we basically just feel happy that it’s Spring, baseball starts to get interesting, and we hope the crops will grow lovely and tall. Oh, and traditionally we set some fires and go nude, but modern Paganism being much more come-as-you-are, your discretion.

Unfortunately, our “cold snap” is more of a “cold pregnant pause,” as I’m sure many of you have noticed, as it’s drawing on a week now since we’ve seen 70. Evil weather bastards. I’ll give it three more days before I dabble in ritual sacrifice. That aside, May is full of promise; here are some lovely events in which I will be taking part:

May 4: The Sooz’ Birthday. Much cake and Irish music.

May 3 & 4: Green Street Fair in Plymouth, MI, featuring local artists, food and uber-efficient cars. If you have nothing going on this weekend, I recommend sticking it to Big Oil. Go green!

May 15: Birthday of one Action Jackie. Drunkenliness probability Level Orange.

May 20: Eddie Izzard will be at the Detroit Opera House, and I will be there, flinging my panties at his head.

Every Sat & Wed morning: The Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market is not only open, but now has more to offer than just asparagus. In particular, there is a produce stand run by Amish ladies that has the best tomatoes I have ever eaten. They have free samples that will make you see colors in your brain. Besides being local, pesticide free and effing delicious, they also cost less than supermarket veg.

Month of May: The Ann Arbor Commuter Challenge is now in effect. All month long, log your miles online and make the most of your carbon-reduced commute.

And of course, May is the month of novel rewrites. Watch as the weather gets warmer just to spite my laptop-hunching form.


Anonymous said…
I forgot to tell you yesterday that Amy's grandma (who's 91 btw) used to call everyone on May 1st to wish them a Happy May Day and let them know that outside screwing could begin. lol!!!

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