May 12, 2008


My boss in Japan.

If you missed that, my boss is in Japan.

Japan is 13 hours ahead of Midwestern time, so when I walk into work in the morning, it is 9:00 PM there. When I leave, it is 6:00 AM. Thus, there should be no voice contact between me and said boss for the next week.

Plans for this week include:
- Learning a new job
- Writing / re-jiggering more pieces for submission
- Openly slacking
- Posting a bit extra, as I have no excuses not to
- Catching up on a few books / Martha issues
- Begging for money
- Skipping out as early as possible to hit the gym

The beggary above comes in the form of this year’s Relay For Life® Cancer Walk. It’s a showdown between Starbucks Eastside and Starbucks Westside; we’re like the Beat It video of cancer eradication. If we raise enough money, we just might meet on a football field and snap our fingers at each other, attempting theatrical leaps in too-tight Technicolor trousers. Maybe.

If you would like to donate, please visit my personal page. You can also donate to the Starbucks Eastside team, because Westside are punks, and also because if they raise more than we do we have to drink Frappuccino out of their shoes. Eucch. Please help. I freaking hate Frappuccinos.

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