May 19, 2008

Boo and Hiss and a Little Bit Yay

Boss is back in town. Workload triples.

I did not go in search of the Lost Bikini of El Dorado this weekend, as I was too busy eating fritters, rice krispie treats and food at Angelo’s. Next weekend, when I finally do get around to shopping, that bikini’s going to fit like twine on a swollen ham.

I joined facebook, as 30 of you well know. Not bad for a hermit. Also: Baaaaa.

My subscription is up soon, and man, it is so much cheaper to die alone. I don’t think I’ll renew, as whining about the fabulous single life is what keeps me young and relevant. Well, young. Or just relevant. Why do people come here, again?

Action Jackie is asleep on my sofa again. It’s like having a kitten over for the weekend; cuddly and seemingly guileless, yet you wonder what’s happening in your apartment when you leave. Luckily the Sooz is keeping her properly sugared while I toil for the man.

Just ate two pieces of cake. Plan to “detox” from yesterday completely blown.

Dental appointment Wednesday confirms flossing and mouthwash still a total roll of the dice. Come onnn, just one cavity!

Eddie. Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. Let’s make babies.

Happy birthday to my niece and nephew, who are all-too-rapidly turning into people. Two more photos and Noah’s going to be able to vote.

I guess there’s no more putting off the Really Pointless Work… hey! Somebody wants to play Scrabulous!


Anonymous said...

I am shredding my claws on your favorite furniture, shedding allergy-inducing hair all over everything, and playing with mice.

Anonymous said...

Sanjay and I are making sweet sweet kitty love on your bed, our mouths dripping with doughnut glaze.

Sarah Beedoo said...


Anonymous said...

30 friends and you're lamenting? Try three, all are former students, one of whom is your sister. Suck on that. :o)

Sarah Beedoo said...

No, the 'baaaa' is my sheep noise: I am now one of the followers. 31 (ha!) Friends is pretty good considering I never leave my house--oh, and also I was born into a collective and absorbed all of their friends by proxy. So by 'friends' it's more like 'people who either know me or know people with my same nose.'

All of whom are far younger than I. That's the other thing.