April 11, 2008

Seven Reasons Yul Brynner Should Be First Reigning Monarch of America

1. Schooled in the subtle art of Asian diplomacy.

2. West World. Duder is a robot and will fuck your mortal shit up.

3. Sweet steely gaze, biceps for days.

4. He could so take Charleton Heston in real life.

5. Dude, did you like, see The Magnificent Seven?

6. Assassination not an issue.

7. “One Night in Bangkok” would be new national anthem.


Anonymous said...

Ah, if only he wasn't dead... I got to see him in The King and I on stage in Det. when I was a kid. If I'd only known then how cool he was. :o)

Sarah Beedoo said...

And his awesomeness did not radiate into your very being? Were you in the balcony or something? (<-- jealous)

Anonymous said...

In the balcony, behind a column if I remember correctly. No joke!

mamaclsn said...

Mr. Morton should be president. After all, he IS the subject of the sentence, and what America says, he does.

Sarah Beedoo said...

HA! How 'bout a cabinet position?
"Mr. Morton was the head of congress, Mr. Morton waaaaaaaas, Mr. Morton is the subject of the sentence, and what the predicate says, he doeeeees." Democratic whip: Rufus Xavier Sasparilla.

YOU are the subject of this sentence: You need your sister so you came to visit. And what the predicate says, YOU DOES.